Monday 24 August 2015 by Lucas Wilde

M6 rubberneckers hail ‘cracking’ start to the week


There has been a ruddy good pile-up on the M6 southbound this morning so you’d best hurry up if you want a good look, according to the nation’s leading rubberneckers.

The five-car incident happened at 8:02am and feedback so far has been along the lines of “poor sods”, “that’s a GOOD one” and “fair play, that was worth the wait”.

Traffic on the opposite lane has only just started to slow down as people take their feet off the pedals for a jolly good gawk.

“It is a corker” said Simon Williams, a 31 year-old account Executive and semi-professional rubbernecker.

“Not that I wish harm on anyone, but the sight of all those cars on fire really did set me up nicely for the day.”

“I’d advise everyone to stop what they’re doing right now and get on the M6 northbound for a look before the fuzz clear everything away like the killjoys they are.”

Police officer Michael Jones said, “Yeah, don’t do that.”

“We’ve got enough problems trying to clear the road up without having to worry about people taking photos on camera phones.”

“Not for any safety reason, obviously, but I’m in dire need of a haircut and my female colleague hasn’t got her face on this morning.”

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