North Korea preparing for war against reality

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North Korea’s fragile relationship with reality has deteriorated to the extent that Kim Jong-Un has put his troops on a war footing.

War between North Korea and reality now seems inevitable.

North Korea has had little more than a nodding acquaintance with reality in recent years with Kim Jong-Un claiming to have eradicated AIDS, to be close to sending a man to the moon, and that his people have food.

It is expected that North Korea will declare war on reality for ‘preventing Kim Jong-Un becoming the greatest human being who ever lived’.

It appears that the rogue state’s antagonism with reality has heightened over recent months with reality denying Kim Jong-Un the position of Pope, the title of Heavyweight Champion of the World, and superpowers.

But the final straw appears to by reality intervening in Kim Jong-Un’s ambition to succeed Daniel Craig in the James Bond films.

“Our Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un’s heroic struggle against reality will continue on until he triumphs and reality lies crumpled and broken beneath his heroic boots,” said a spokesperson for the North Korean leader today.

The people of North Korea are said to be broadly in favour of whatever Kim Jong-Un says provided they get a slightly tastier grass to eat.