Recommending Breaking Bad to others the only charitable thing millennials do, finds study

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Raising awareness for the AMC series Breaking Bad has now overtaken charitable donations as the most virtuous thing that millennials do for strangers.

Previous generations had Ban the Bomb, Comic Relief and Live Aid, but now a new study has found that insisting that others binge watch Bryan Cranston’s career defining vehicle Breaking Bad is what modern-day altruism looks like.

The paper from the The Center for Compassion And Altruism Research at Stanford University has discovered that while charitable donations and volunteer work is an at all-time low, it is almost impossible to mention you haven’t seen the hit series without benevolent 18-35 year-olds insisting you stop everything you are doing to get started on series one.

Professor Richard Hogarth, who conducted the study, explained the findings:

“While poverty, hunger and the environment have always been the main focus of charitable campaigns, in 2015 not being in the loop when friends call each other ‘Bitch’ or knowing what ‘Heisenberg’ refers to is the fastest growing problem of our time.”

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“In particular this year we are finding some people from deprived areas watch Better Call Saul before having watched Breaking Bad.”

“Of course we know it’s a prequel, but how on earth are you supposed to get the clever little references? It really is a tragedy.”

Emily Darwin, a 23-year-old Assistant Manager from Dudley, is one such campaigner dedicating her spare time to fighting this epidemic.

She told us, “Yesterday a homeless man asked me for some spare change and I asked him if he was going to use the money to buy methamphetamine.”

“When he replied that he didn’t know what that was, I couldn’t stand idly by anymore.”

“Rather than give him cash, I gave him the link to sign up for a free 30-day trial at Netflix, where you can watch all five series easily in a month.”

“The complete box set is £50 on Amazon, so it really is a bargain.”

“Obviously you don’t get the DVD extras including director’s commentary and deleted scenes, but it’s a start.”