Man discovers previously unknown identical twin brother in leaked Ashley Madison details

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Local man Simon Williams has discovered a ‘completely unexpected’ identical twin brother in the leaked details of adultery website Ashley Madison clients.

Williams, who had always believed he was an only child, was ‘gobsmacked’ to discover he has an identical twin brother living in the same postcode area.

The identical twin, who unlike Simon was trawling for ‘no strings’ sex with ‘bored housewives aged 35-45’, appears to share the same musical interests, to the extent of owning the same AC/DC Black Ice tour T-Shirt.

“It’s uncanny!” he told us. “His profile photo looks almost exactly like me, except a few but telling details if you know where to look.”

“Incredibly it looks like the photo was taken at the same hotel on Kos that we went on holiday to last year, so we’re clearly very similar in so many ways.”

“It just goes to show that blood is thicker than water.”

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“It’s like the only thing we don’t have in common is an interest in extramarital sexual relations within twenty miles of my house.”

Simon then explained he was going out right away to search for this new sibling, who is happy to tell the Internet that he is a caring and sensitive lover with an interest in mild BDSM, as he clearly needs warning before his family find out.

Simon’s wife, Anne, has wished him well in his search and encouraged him to start right away as she needs to delete some minor, uninteresting files from her internet history.