Fake benefits claimants also appeared in maths exam question

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The furore over a DWP leaflet that included pictures of ‘Sarah’ and ‘Zac’ refuses to die down after it emerged the fictitious characters also appeared in this year’s GCSE Maths exams.

The leaflet, produced by the Department of Work and Pensions, was hastily withdrawn after it was revealed that it contained fabricated quotations from the fictitious ‘Sarah’ and ‘Zac’, supposedly talking about their positive experiences of the welfare system.

However, withdrawing the Maths exam is not possible as it has already been sat by thousands of British children, many of whom are now wondering if their results are invalid.

In the paper, Sarah and Zac were purported to be at train stations, 120 miles away from each other. The paper claims they both left at the same time, Sarah on a train travelling at 80mph, and Zac on one that travelled at 60mph. The paper asked students to suggest how long it took for their trains to pass one another.

A freedom of information request found that neither Sarah nor Zac has ever actually existed.

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In a further embarrassment for education authorities it has also been revealed that “Sanjay” and “Peter” did not become friends with “Cheryl”, and “Cheryl” did not give either men a list of possible dates that her birthday could be.

Reporters managed to track down “Sanjay” who was incredibly angry.

“I don’t know anyone called Cheryl, but now my wife now thinks I’m having an affair.”

“I’m sleeping in the spare room because of this bloody exam.”

“I do know ‘Peter, though. He’s an absolute prick.”