Pringles to release exclusive David Cameron limited edition ‘Virgin blood’ flavour

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Pringles have announced a special limited edition flavour of their popular crisps aimed squarely at the prime ministerial market.

‘Virgin blood’ Pringles will be released for one month only and only be available around Westminster.

The announcement follows news that the Prime Minister was seen eating the snack whilst on a plane in order to make him look like a human being.

“Obviously, we here at Pringles are thrilled that the PM enjoyed our snacks,” said Pringle representative Barry Pringle.

“So, we wanted to create a flavour especially for him.”

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“Although, we did initially set off on the wrong track as we were given to understand that David Cameron’s favourite meal was Roasted swan in a truffle sauce, and swan is a tricky flavour to get right in a crisp.”

“But we were soon put right by his press office who told us that there is no flavour the PM likes more than blood of a freshly slaughtered virgin.”

Mr Cameron is said to be thrilled at the news and plans to serve the new flavour Pringles during the next Presidential visit from Vladimir Putin.

It isn’t the first time that snacks have made exclusive flavours for Prime Minister.

John Major had Walkers make boiled pea flavoured crisps, Tony Blair enjoyed feta and courgette Kettle Chips, or something equally poncey.

And Margaret Thatcher liked Monster Munch that tasted of babies.