DWP criticised after fake story of benefit sanctions giving woman superpowers

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The Department for Work and Pensions has been criticised after creating fake super hero origin stories in which losing your benefits leads to the development of superpowers.

The recently published stories included the tale of Sharon Williams who lost a portion of her job seeker’s allowance because she forgot to attend an appointment with her work coach because she was looking after a sick neighbour.

Williams woke up the following day to a letter from the DWP informing her of sanctions and the loss of some of her benefits, before realising she could now also fly.

In the DWP story Williams insists that “losing my benefits is the best thing that could ever have happened to me” before flying off into the sunset and living happily ever after.

A spokesperson for the DWP explained that the stories were never meant to be true, and are merely an indication of what might happen in a hypothetical universe in which losing benefits is considered a good thing for the individual.

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A spokesperson for the DWP told reporters, “We are sorry if we have led anyone to believe that losing your benefits for not having an up to date CV would give you x-ray vision.”

“We admit that this is a highly unlikely scenario.”

“That said, we do know of one genuine claimant who was sanctioned for missing a meeting and how has a wheelchair like Professor Charles Xavier out of the X Men.”

“No super powers, just the wheelchair – but it’s a start, right?”