Chongo and Miss Havisham top baby names lists

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For the first time since 1970, Chongo is the most popular boys name in England and Wales.

Data from the Office of National Statistics shows that in 2014, 72,913 boys were given the name Chongo, up from 197 in 2013.

Officials are crediting the meteoric rise to a sharp decline in the popularity of Made In Chelsea and a renewed interest in the ‘Danger Island’ segment of the Banana Splits shows, pointing out that the number of boys given the names ‘Drooper’ and ‘Bingo’ also rose dramatically last year.

In fact, even ‘Fleegle’ made this year’s chart, pushing recently franchised names such as Jack and Will out of the Top Ten altogether.

Meanwhile, the girl’s list also sees a dramatic change for 2014, with Emily and Charlotte disappearing altogether.

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‘Miss Havisham’ now tops the chart for the first time since 1872, a result that may be entirely due to a sloppy data entry error, but which may well be a portent of future heartbreak for any young boys prone to hanging around graveyards at night looking for ‘wot larks’.