Jeremy Corbyn barred from voting for Jeremy Corbyn

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Jeremy Corbyn has become the latest high-profile left-winger to be barred from voting in the Labour leadership election.

The veteran Labour party member, MP and leadership front-runner said he was shocked to receive an email informing him of the decision.

Corbyn, who lives in Islington, claims to have campaigned consistently for Labour but was rejected by the party on the grounds that he “doesn’t support Labour’s core value.”

“Apparently my policies of rail nationalisation, higher corporation tax and increased public spending are at odds with the party,” Mr Corbyn commented.

“Go figure.”

One party insider explained, “He’s on record opposing welfare cuts, he calls for increased taxes on the rich and he never wants to bomb anyone. What kind of half-wit thinks he can slip that sort of attitude past the Party?”

Party officials fear that Corbyn, who has been a Labour MP for over three decades, may be intent on bringing the party down from the inside by making it popular again.

An anonymous source who definitely wasn’t Yvette Cooper told us, “The fear is that Corbyn is only running in the leadership election in order to run in the leadership election – and that’s just not on.”

Another Labour official added, “By promoting the same policies he’s advocated for decades the fear is that the people who elected him on the basis of those principles might continue supporting him, and more like-minded people may be drawn to the party,”

“This kind of mass entryism is just what we are seeking to avoid.”

Yet another party source chipped in, “The labour party has a very strong ‘no disagreements’ policy.”

“That’s why there’s such a high degree of continuity between the politics of Keir Hardie, Harold Wilson and Tony Blair.”

“Divisive policies like calling for party unity, an end to infighting and encouraging all-member debates are just not on.”

“I mean, what’s next, offering Blairites shadow cabinet positions? We need to hold Britain’s biggest socialist party together by calling left-wing people idiots.”