Man who withheld boarding pass in airport WH Smiths feels like goddamn hero

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A man who refused to show his boarding pass WH Smiths at Heathrow is hailing himself as a consumer hero this morning.

After learning that WH Smiths uses the information on his boarding pass to potentially claim back any VAT on his purchase, regular traveller Simon Williams has insisted he is now ‘sticking it to the man good and proper’.

He told us, “I bought sun cream, and I didn’t show them my boarding pass. They wanted to see it, oh hell they wanted to see it. But I told them no – it is my right as a consumer to not show it to you!.

“Then they said ‘ok’ and sold it to me anyway. That’s 20% right there!

“The approximately 90p of VAT will be staying with the government now, rather than going to some executive prick at WH Smiths.

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“Hmm. You know, now that I say that out loud it’s not as satisfying as I thought it would be, actually.”

Consumer advisor Michael Davis explained that the rules on showing your boarding pass give consumers a very clear choice on what happens to any VAT they pay in the airport, if they are flying outside the EU.

He explained, “What we’re saying is that you can show your boarding pass and give that 20% to a load of corporate pricks you don’t like, or you can refuse to show your boarding pass and make sure that 20% stays with a load of government pricks you don’t like.

“We like to think of it as a modern-day Sophie’s choice.”