Hillary Clinton’s email server behind 99% of ‘hot progressive MILFs in your area’ spam

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FBI scrutiny of Hillary Clinton’s email server has revealed she is the primary source of the world’s MILF and cougar-based spam.

Records show that the Democrat frontrunner sent an estimated six billion emails offering recipients the chance to ‘hook up with the hottest, sexiest cougars on the prowl for fresh cock.’

And Clinton raised FBI hackles further with her decision to use a basic free Yahoo account with the password ABC.

The emails state that Clinton is “finally single after dating a former president and wants to hook up with some cute new guys of any political persuasion, except for white supremacists.”

Readers are then invited to click on embedded links to sizzling, explicit images of the 2016 presidential campaign, where a Paypal button allows sizeable donations to the Democrats.

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Clinton signs off urging potential voters to send her a fuck-buddy request to [email protected].

Republican rival, Donald Trump, is understood to have replied with over two hundred fuck buddy requests before Clinton ran out of patience and blocked him.

FBI chief, Chuck Williams, said, “These emails reveal a gross misuse of government property, but taken alone are pretty harmless.”

“It’s the extra ten billion emails offering cheap Rolex watches that could derail her White House bid.”

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