Crossrail dig uncovers remains of dozens of people who died waiting for Northern Line train

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Contractors on the London Crossrail project have turned up dozens of bodies of people who are believed to have died of old age waiting for a train on the Northern Line.

Archaeologists have been called to the site to examine the bodies, many of whom still bear the marks of standing on the platform furiously looking at the sign which has said “Next train 2 minutes” for over seventy years.

Experts believed that the victims all slowly passed way due to being reluctant to leave the platform as ‘there’ll be one along in a minute’.

“You have to feel sorry for these people”, we were told by Archaeology Professor Mindthe-Gappe of London University.

“They lived out their lives in the hope of a better life to come, specifically when the Northern Line actually had a working train running on it.”

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“Of course, nowadays we know that just to be a primitive superstition”.

The bodies will be moved to make way for the new Crossrail line, but London Underground has promised to hold a short memorial service so long as nobody who attends wants to come by train.