Corbyn boost after condemnations from dreadful people

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Jeremy Corbyn’s bid for the Labour leadership looks unstoppable after some genuinely dreadful people came out against him.

Tony Blair was the first truly awful person to really stand up against him.

In a studio interview the former ‘Ugly Rumours’ bassist and war-criminal called for all supporters of Corbyn to have their hearts cut out of their bodies, a strategy it is understood he first planned for all supporters of Gordon Brown during his time as Prime Minister.

This was followed by John McTernan making equally strong comments against Mr Corbyn, which everyone ignored until they remembered that he was chief of Staff to Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy. A man who’s performance in Scotland was worse than Edward the First.

Yesterday Alistair Campbell, or as he’s better known; Satan, recommended the Labour party adopted an ‘Anyone but Corbyn’ strategy, failing to recognise that Ed Miliband was ‘anyone but Corbyn,’ and that could have worked out better.

Jeremy Corbyn’s team are naturally thrilled at this.

“Well, it’s brilliant,” said a Corbyn insider.

“If someone could organise Gordon Brown or Ed Balls to have a go at Jeremy then I don’t think we’d even have to bother campaigning anymore.”

“But we’d probably do it anyway to annoy Tony Blair.”