Angry man sends email with subject entirely in capital letters

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It has been revealed that a man was so angry with a computer issue that he sent his company’s IT helpdesk an email containing a subject entirely written in capital letters.

The email, sent by petty small man Simon Williams had the subject – ‘MICROSOFT OFFICE PROGRAMS UNUSABLY SLOW.’

The Helpdesk manager Bob Dickson hit back immediately.

“There’s just no call for rudeness, I mean, it’s not like we’re all just sitting around down here playing Doom,” he said before excusing himself to admonish one of the helpdesk staff for playing Doom.

Mr Williams remained unrepentant.

“Well, I’m sorry,” he said.

“But I was just so blooming cross. I had an important letter to send and it simply to ages to open Microsoft Word.”

“Frankly, I think the helpdesk can be grateful I didn’t add a long line of exclamation marks to the subject, because I was jolly close to doing so I can tell you.”

However, the story had a twist when it was revealed that the reason for the slowness of Mr Williams’ computer was due to a virus contracted after accessing an adult site.

“Well yes, I mean, that’s just something else Helpdesk will have to investigate as I’ve obviously been hacked,” he said, turning a shade of red that he put down to blood pressure brought on by the stress of a slow computer.

“I mean, it’s the only possible solution.”