Rock on Mars looks a bit like something if you squint

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A rock on Mars looks a bit like something interesting if you squint when looking at it, according to the Internet today.

Photographs taken by the Mars Rover clearly show a blurry, indistinct image of a rock which sufficiently resembles another object to send the Internet into a right tizzy.

The rock, which is a rock, has a pattern on it which might be taken as looking like something else if you were bored at work or desperately needed to generate clicks for your conspiracy theory website.

Already, sensationalist clickbait headlines are dramatically claiming the rock, which is still a rock, is clear evidence of something or other that it most definitely isn’t.

“It’s a fucking rock”, a NASA spokesman confirmed.

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“A piece of weathered accreted silicate which has sat undisturbed and unmoving on the sands of a lifeless planet since time immemorial. Nothing more.”

“A. Rock. It’s not a woman, a monster or a pyramid. Nor is it a smiley face, a bit of buried UFO, a remains of an ancient building or any other evidence of intelligent life, before you ask.”

“You’re just seeing what you expect or desperately, desperately want to see even if it’s not there.”

“Now get out before I call security”, he added.

When shown a picture of the rock, Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn asked why it looked so much like the capitalist oppression of the workers.