Man insists his weekend BBQ was actually ‘Garden Food Festival’

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Office worker Simon Williams is today insisting that he hosted a ‘garden food festival’ at the weekend, despite it sounding exactly like a barbecue.

Williams has told his colleagues that the event, which was by invitation only for some family and friends and had no tickets available, was a festival of great food, in a garden, and therefore a garden food festival.

As one colleague said, “He told us he served various barbecue foods, yes, but there was also a temporary gazebo with some salad.”

“Apparently he put used an extension cable so he could move his Bose Sounddock from his lounge to the garden, so he could stream a couple of Foo Fighters albums.”

“But he didn’t have any camping areas, though he did say his daughter’s Wendy house was used by a couple of people to sleep off their excesses.”

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“He also didn’t provide any chemical toilets, though apparently his Uncle Ted pissing in the hedge was very festival like.”

Williams himself was defiant, and continued to insist he could now add ‘festival organiser’ to his CV.

He told us, “Look, I gave everyone a plastic wristband, so it was a festival, end of story.”