Cameras put me off, insists man who regularly performs in front of cameras

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Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has lashed out at audience members for filming him with cameras much smaller than those he’s used to.

Cumberbatch explained that cameras are extremely off-putting, except when he’s being paid to explicitly perform in front of them.

Cumberbatch told his fans, “When you’ve spent as much of your career as I have acting in front of cameras of various shapes and sizes, it can be a bit of a shock to see a tiny one pointing in your general direction.”

“If the camera filming me is slightly different to the cameras I’m expecting to be filming me, then it throws my entire game off.”

“If you’re thinking about filming me on a small camera in your phone, ask yourself this question, have you given me a lucrative contract to do so?”

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“Because if not, I’m probably not going to be very happy about it.”

Audience members have admitted they can understand Cumberbatch’s unhappiness at being filmed doing his job.

Ticket holder Simon Williams told us, “If I was paid handsomely to do make-believe in front of a camera, I would probably not like being filmed by a camera at my other handsomely paid job doing make-believe.”

“Doing make-believe is hard, and the last thing he needs is a camera putting him off doing the make-believe.”

“Unless it’s one of those make-believe jobs that is supposed to be in front of cameras. Then it is ok.”