Taliban to reclaim terror title with devastating campaign of photobombing

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The Taliban have sought to reclaim their terror title from ISIS by launching a devastating attack on western tourist attractions with an army of photobombers.

New Taliban leader Mullah Akhter Mohammad Mansoor is keen to reassert his organisation’s influence on global terror, and as such has sent an army of martyrs out into the western world to throw themselves into as many photographs as possible.

Mansoor told Al Jazeera television, “We aim to hit the capitalist pig dogs where it hurts them most. In their Facebook photo albums and Instagram accounts.”

“Never again will you be able to take a photo of you and your besties all pouting like fish without wondering if someone from Al Qaeda is going to jump into the background just as you take the photo and shout ‘Allahu Akbar’.”

“Photos will never be the same again.”

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“We will do to the process of taking a selfie, what we did to the process of getting a flight. It will never again be a pleasure, and always you will be nervous.”

“Plus, from a really selfish perspective, our very best photobombers can be used time and time again.”

“Which makes a nice change.”