Former Chairman of ‘Kids Company’ finds new job as magic-eye book

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Multi-coloured charity founder and proof-reader’s nightmare, Camila Batmanghelidjh, is to take up work as a book of visual illusions.

The charismatic leader of “Kids Company” is taking up the role of a Magic-Eye book after her charity collapsed, through absolutely no fault of her own.

The colourfully dressed Camila will be sold in bookshops throughout the land to clueless grandparents looking for a Christmas present for grandchildren who are really far too old to enjoy magic-eye books anymore.

“It’s an unusual career move, I admit” said Camila, “but there’s really not a lot else on offer for someone whose charity has failed and is being investigated for all kinds of alleged dodgy shit.”

“I’m not massively looking forward to being pounded flat into paper-thin pages, but we do what we can to get by in life, don’t we?”

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“As long as it makes a few children a bit happier, then I’m still doing what I love doing.”

8 year-old Simon Williams is one of 14 children who still get a mild sense of pleasure from Magic-Eye books.

“I’m looking forward to staring at her until I can see a man riding a horse.”

“The trick will be to kind of cross your eyes and then slowly move Camila away from your face.”

“I’ve heard that was also a lot of people’s response when she asked them for funding, but I wouldn’t know of such things.”