Camila Batmanghelidjh unmasked as Camila Brucewayneghelidjh

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Kids Company charity founder Camila Batmanghelidjh has been dramatically unmasked as billionaire Camila Brucewayneghelidjh this morning, we can reveal.

Brucewayneghelidjh took to wearing a flamboyant and distinctive costume to hide her true identity as she took the streets to fight crime in order to protect those she cared about.

The identity of the reclusive billionnaire was revealed as the charity faced accusations of financial mismanagement, forcing Brucewayneghelidjh to unmask herself as the mysterious and secretive scourge of the streets.

“How can any accusations of financial mismanagement stick when I’ve got Wayneghelidjh Industries, a Fortune 500 company, under my direct control?” she asked.

“Obviously I devoted my life to helping orphans, after my parents were repeatedly shot in flashback every time I walked on screen.”

Critics of Kid’s Company have suggested that money was improperly used to buy “red jerkins and green hotpants” for some of the children in their care, and to tunnel out a huge cavern beneath the organisation’s Kenbury St HQ.

However, supporters of the organisation have stressed the fall in street crime in the vicinity, especially that carried out by Sharply-dressed waddling midgets, horrifically-scarred former lawyers and maniacal clowns.