New wrinkle cure has doctors terrified because it’s made out of doctors

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A wrinkle cure discovered by a local mum has doctors terrified because it’s made out of ground-up doctors, according to the news this morning.

The £4 cure, discovered by a local mum near you, is hated by members of the medical profession as it requires them to be ground into a thick paste and spread on the wrinkles.

The cure is described to be “incredibly effective”, which just makes things worse, with wrinkles vanishing immediately in impressive before and after photographs on a website near you.

“You know those adverts on the internet which say ‘Doctors hate her!’?” said a spokesman for the British Medical Association.

“You bloody bet we do. We’re fucking well crapping ourselves over here.”

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“Oh God. She’s coming. SHE’S COMING,” he added before the phone went dead.

Reports indicate that the “One weird trick” referred to in the adverts involves tricking doctors into stepping into a gigantic blender and turning it on.

Having solved wrinkles, the local mum is now working on scaring the shit out of gym owners by making a miracle diet pill out of their brains.