Amazon’s Top Gear reboot to be presented in ‘blackface’

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Amazon’s new motoring show, featuring the former presenters of Top Gear, is to celebrate its freedom from BBC editorial standards by ‘smashing taboos’ according to insiders.

The show is expected to feature Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May in blackface make-up throughout the series, as well as liberal use of ultra violence, racial slurs, and jokes about caravans.

The show will also use the word ‘gay’ to mean rubbish.

Top Gear was the most watched TV show on the planet, but its three presenters left after Clarkson’s contract was not renewed, following a ‘fracas’ with a producer.

Clarkson, Hammond and May were said to be keen to reunite, especially when told that being on an Internet channel means that they could ‘say what they liked about asylum seekers.’

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The show’s title and features have yet to be finalised, however it is expected that the car review segments will show the car being repeatedly driven over a producer who hadn’t got Clarkson the right sandwich.

The show was well-known for its specials, including one which ended in a near riot, after the cast drove a car through Argentina, which locals thought had an offensive number plate.

Free from BBC ‘interference’ the crew are said to be planning a trip across the middle-east, in 3 an old Rover, with the number plate ‘BLA 1R’

A spokesman for Clarkson told reporters that the presenter was “very much looking forward to saying that Hammond’s haircut ‘makes him look like a bender’.”