Crowdfunding campaign for ‘magic beans’ raises £1.3m

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A crowdfunding campaign to raise £50,000 in a month to cultivate and grow magic beans, is currently standing at over £1.3M after only three days.

The Kickstarter page, set up by Percy Chucker, 53, has received donations from all over the world – with one person contributing a whopping £25,000 to the fund.

The crowdfunding page isn’t clear on exactly what is magic about the beans, except to say they will ‘completely disrupt the traditional bean industry’ and create a ‘pathway to a magical land of plenty’.

A source close to Percy told us, “Percy is being a bit cagey about what these beans are all about – I’m guessing he’s worried about people copying his idea before they launch?”

“But I’m sure the thousands of investors will not be disappointed. At all.”

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Crowd-funded magic beans

Investor Simon Williams pledged £1,000 to the campaign, insisting it had all the hallmarks of a fantastic investment.

He told us, “I always scour crowdfunding sites looking for a good opportunity – it’s tax efficient and it makes me feel like I’m on Dragon’s Den.”

“And I’ve got to say, this one has it all. An incredible product, ridiculous potential returns, a huge market – oh, and the beans are actually magic. Can you believe that?”

“If I had more than £1,000 in the bank I would have pledged that too.”

We tried to contact Mr Chucker for comment, but we were told by his newly appointed house maid that he was currently on holiday in the Bahamas.