Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn to star in hilarious new sitcom

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Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn have agreed to star in a hilarious new sitcom about mismatched flatmates, according to reports this morning.

The British and American leadership hopefuls will begin filming as soon as their respective bids fail.

The show, titled ‘Strange Bedfellows’, will screen late this year after they’ve both been shown the door by their parties.

Although the two have agreed to the production, producers are reported to be disappointed they won’t share a bed like Morcambe and Wise.

In the pilot episode, the two mix up dinner dates and invite George W Bush and Natalie Bennett round on the same evening, leading to hi-jinks as they struggle to keep their guests apart.

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Conflict is guaranteed when Trump discovers that Jeremy has been buying ingredients at Waitrose and carrying them home in a Tesco bag, and threatens to tell his friends. 

When Tony Blair unexpectedly arrives halfway through, both think the other invited him and spend the rest of the episode trying to foist him off on each other.

Finally a misunderstanding in the kitchen leads to Trump having to pretend he meant to serve a gluten-free vegan lentil casserole to Bush, whilst Jeremy presents the leader of the Green Party with steak ‘so rare you can hear it moo’.

“Natalie’s horrified reaction of silent anger in that scene is priceless”, we were told. “She’s got great comic timing.”

“That’s assuming anyone told her what was going to happen, anyway.”

The pilot ends with Trump screaming at Jeremy that he hates losers, before catching sight of himself in a mirror and falling into bitter, bitter tears of self-realisation.