Liz Kendall to take to the hills and wage guerrilla campaign against Jeremy Corbyn

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Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall has vowed to fight Jeremy Corbyn ‘to the last,’ even if it means taking a small, trusted band of New Labour insurgents to the hills and waging an all-out guerrilla war.

Her pledge came after suggestions that she should withdraw from the race and support another candidate.

“No! Corbyn’s going down,” She snarled.

“I’ve seen Red Dawn. I know how to wage an insurgency campaign from the hills. I’ve got good men behind me. Tristram Hunt’s got fabulous hair and Chuka Umunna is blandly charming.”

It is understood that Ms Kendall privately believes her leadership bid is over and is planning to wage the guerrilla campaign from the hills along the Sussex Downs, possibly near Lewes as there’s some lovely farm shops round that way.

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“We’ll hit Corbyn where it hurts,” promised a Kendall supporter.

“Beard care suppliers, Oxfam coat shops, placard makers. These are the businesses that keep him going. If we target them, he’s in trouble.”

Suspicion has been growing that Ms Kendall plans to take to the hills since the last hustings where she arrived wearing a bandana, in a flat back truck, and toting an automatic weapon.