Restaurant with 4/5 food hygiene rating somehow thinks this worth advertising

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Your local restaurant is under the impression that it’s worth advertising the fact they have room for improvement when it comes to the hygiene around their food preparation.

The new place on the High Street has placed it food hygiene rating right next to the menu in their window, highlighting the fact that food safety professionals think they could definitely do better.

Former customer Simon Williams told us, “I’m all for celebrating success, but in what world is ‘not as hygienic as it could be’ the sort of thing you see as a triumph?

“It’s not like they’ve even tried to hide it. They’ve stuck it right there, bold as brass as if they’re actually proud of it.

“In fact, that worries me even more. If they are this happy with a rating of 4 out of 5, just what sort of rating were they expecting?

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“Are the kitchens knee-deep in human excrement? We deserve to know the truth.”

Williams’ concerns have been allayed by the Food Standards Agency, who explained the ratings are merely a guide for consumers.

A spokesperson for the FSA told us, “The Food Standards Agency serves an important role in helping consumers choose restaurants that won’t leave them shitting through the eye of a needle for 48 hours.

“That’s all it is, a guide – we’re not telling you this place will make you sick or that they rub burgers under their arms before grilling them.

“At the end of the day four isn’t a bad score – but no, don’t be stupid, of course I wouldn’t eat there.”