#PiersMorgansLifeMatters hashtag fails to catch on

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The ‘Piers Morgan’s life matters’ twitter hashtag campaign has completely failed to catch on, we can report today.

Organisers of the campaign were hoping to ‘go viral’ and ‘get trending’ to highlight the plight of former British Tabloid editors whose careers are slowly dying in the United States.

Despite the tag being tweeted almost four hundred thousand times in the first day, it turned out all tweets were actually from the same person, an Englishman living in New York who ‘preferred to remain anonymous’ and was not available for comment.

Twitter confirmed to us that for a subject to be considered ‘trending’ at least two people have to talk about, no matter how many tweets there are.

“Obviously we’re disappointed the campaign has failed thus far to gain traction,” we were told by the PR agency in charge.

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“The life of an expat media commenter whose career is circling the plughole is clearly of just as much value as anyone else’s, and it’s vital this be recognised and promoted.”

“Possibly it might have helped if some of our own staff had tweeted it, but they told us they’d resign en masse if we pushed it.”

Looking at his watch, our contact told us that “The client’s cheque had run out” and we were shown the door.

Despite the failure of the campaign, one lonely tweeter is keeping the torch burning by posting “Piers Morgan’s life matters” up to eighty or ninety times a minute.

Who does this lonely voice belong to? What campaigning urge drives them?

Perhaps we will never know.