Conservative and Labour supporters unite in support of Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leadership

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Supporters of the Tories and Labour have joined forces in their desire to see Jeremy Corbyn become leader of the Labour party in the run up to the next election.

Corbyn remains a big favourite on both sides of the house, with paid members of both parties seemingly delighted to see him as the current front-runner for the Labour leadership role.

“Jeremy Corbyn is exactly what Labour needs right now, a left-wing leader willing show what the left can really do when it is given the proper voice,” said Labour supporter Simon Williams.

“Yes, precisely,” added Conservative supporter Matthew Wilcox.

“I could not agree more. What Labour needs is someone to veer them off towards the left and away from the middle ground that has been their territory for the last few years.”

“Yes, precisely,” continued Labour member Williams.

“Only Jeremy Corbyn can show this country what a proper left-wing opposition is like, and what it can help achieve in the times of so-called austerity.”

“Yes, precisely,” continued Wilcox.

“What we need in government is a strong opposition to keep us on our toes, and Jeremy Corbyn is the only Labour leadership candidate capable of doing that.”

“Yes, precisely,” added Williams.

“I just hope enough supporters vote for Jeremy when the ballot finally comes rounds.”

“Yes, precisely,” Wilcox added, “In fact, I’ve paid £3 to join the party just so I can vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership election, so hopefully that will help.”