Queen’s corgis are Nazis, claims shock report

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The Queen’s corgis are Nazis and love Hitler, we can exclusively report today.

The news emerged after the revelation that National Socialist bigwig Hermann Goering also kept corgis, which is totally proof when you think about it.

Senior conspiracy theorists have highlighted that Nazi ideology stressed the importance of regular physical exercise in the fresh air, and the corgis are never happier than during ‘walkies’.

“The evidence that her majesty’s pets follow an extreme fascist ideology is unequivocal”, our correspondent Matthew Scilly-Seesonne told us.

“They’re all white or a creamy colour, and at certain angles in poor light their little black noses might be mistaken for a toothbrush moustache.”

“And if you’re severely mentally ill, their barking could sound like ‘Heil! Heil!'”

The corgis are also reported to enjoy eating sausages, just like many other senior Nazis and their sympathisers, and they sometimes playfully tear up newspapers which is exactly like Hitler suppressing bad news.

When confronted by our evidence, a Palace spokesman put his head in his hands and claimed no amount of money was worth this, before starting to cry.

As our ongoing investigation continues, tomorrow we will be revealing how Prince George’s hamster looks uncannily like Mussolini, and that the Downing Street cat is actually a Russian spy called Boris.