Shark survives attack by Australian surfer

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Shark Simon Williams has spoken of his relief at surviving a potentially life-threatening  encounter with Australian surfer, Mick Fanning.

Williams was minding his own business at Jeffreys Bay off the coast of South Africa, when a chance encounter with professional surfer and full-time Aussie Mick Fanning left him facing a series of potentially lethal blows.

He told us, “I was just swimming along thinking about stopping for something to eat when the next thing I know I’m being sucker-punched by this Aussie – right in the small of the back.”

“I was stunned, but thankfully after a couple of punches he left me alone and I could make good my escape.”

“Everyone knows Aussies are ridiculously dangerous creatures, but the oceans are massive so the chances of bumping into one out here are tiny – it’s not like it should stop us swimming near the coast.”

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“I don’t really blame the Aussie himself, I mean it’s in their nature so I know he wasn’t necessarily being vindictive or needlessly lashing out – he just doesn’t know any better.”

“I just consider myself one of the lucky ones who lived to tell the tale.”

Williams went to say the media interest in the incident has left him something of a celebrity in shark circles.

“This one female asked how I got that big bruise on my back, and when I told her I was punched by an Aussie she just hung on every word before asking if she could touch it.”

“Thanks mate.”