Latitude festival to offer refund following surprise Ed Sheeran set

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The organisers of Latitude festival have offered fans a full refund after inflicting a surprise Ed Sheeran set on them.

“We recognise that Ed Sheeran is upsetting and troubling for many people, and we are very sorry for any distress caused by his surprise set,” read an official statement by the organisers.

Festival goers were still reeling from the surprise Friday evening performance.

“It’s not on,” said web designer and beard sculptor Mark Hammond.

“I come to places like this to get away from Ed Sheeran, and to have him just pop up without warning was horrifying.”

“My partner was physically sick.”

A rumour began to circulate that Ed Sheeran would be playing on the Other Voices stage at around 8pm on Friday and a mass stampede to exit the area began.

Henna tattoo designer Serena Greene twisted her ankle in the rush to get out.

“It was stupid. They should have announced it earlier so people had time to get away.”

“As it was, it was just blind panic, people were terrified they were going to have to listen to Ed Sheeran.”

During the set, Sheeran covered Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition.’ Mr Wonder is understood to be making arrangements to have him shot.