Jeremy Corbyn vows to lead party back to Labour’s halcyon days of the 1980s

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Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn has spoken of his plans to take the party back to its roots and the halcyon days of left-wing politics in the 1980s.

With left-winger Corbyn now emerging as the possible winner of the leadership contest, party insiders have spoken of their delight at what the future holds for their party.

As one Labour member explained, “I think we can all agree that the Labour party was at its most strident in the 1980s.”

“We achieved so much when we were a proper left-wing opposition to the Conservatives, and the history books clearly reflect the massive part a strong left-wing party played in the way this country developed during that decade.”

“Jeremy Corbyn will be the new Neil Kinnock, you mark my words.”

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“In years to come he will be spoken of as one of the great Prime Ministers we never had any chance whatsoever of having.”

Jeremy Corbyn leadership favourite

Members of the government have spoken of their delight at Corbyn’s position at the front of the Labour leadership race.

A cabinet insider told us, “What we in government need is a good, solid, definitely electable opposition to keep us on our toes.”

“So please, all you Labour members should definitely vote for Jeremy Corbyn.”

“In fact, I believe so strongly in Jeremy Corbyn that I joined the party yesterday just so I could vote for him.”