Prick paying for his coffee with Apple Watch making sure everyone knows it

author avatar by 9 years ago

The guy at the front of the Starbucks queue has paid for his coffee with his Apple Watch this morning, but not before making sure everyone in the shop knew about it.

Apple Watch owner Simon Williams was keen to explore the new Apple Pay features of his overpriced wrist-gadget, but only in a way that ensured there were plenty of witnesses.

Customer Sally Matthews told us, “First off he extended his arm up over his head to pull his sleeve back halfway to reveal the watch – with a bit a half-yawn as if paying for something was just so tedious.”

“It was a bit like you see in the movies when a woman wants you to notice her engagement ring. Except with a prick, instead of a terribly-written stereotypical woman.”

“Then he said ‘So I’ll just tap my watch on here, yeah, like this?’ pretending like it was the most nonchalant manoeuvre ever seen by mankind.”

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“Of course, it didn’t work first time. Or the second. But eventually he managed to pay for his coffee using his Apple Watch and he looked like he’d won a bloody Olympic medal, such was his shit-eating grin.”

“The fact that the woman behind him paid in a fraction of the time just by tapping her contactless card was seemingly lost on him.”

“Then he left, probably on his way to his marketing agency job in Shoreditch.”

We spoke to Williams shortly after the incident, he told us, “Yes, how did you know I work for a marketing agency in Shoreditch?”