New Horizons probe gives Pluto scathing 2-star review on TripAdvisor

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Nasa’s New Horizons space probe has given Pluto a scathing 2-star review on TripAdvisor, after a fleeting visit yesterday.

The probe hurtled past the icy world at 14km/s in an attempt to absorb some of the atmosphere at the so-far unspoilt ‘hidden away’ planet.

However the visit did not go as planned, and New Horizons left the planet more than dissatisfied with the service it received.

A Nasa spokesperson explained, “We got within 7,800 miles of the surface of Pluto, yet not once were we offered any sort of welcome gift.”

“Not so much as a complimentary glass of sangria. We were completely ignored, to be honest.”

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“No-one came to see us about an orientation meeting, and no-one from the travel agent presented themselves for questions. We basically had to wander around for a bit on our own, then we took some photos and left.”

New Horizons Pluto review

The review was posted at approximated 1:53am last night, and went on to catalogue the New Horizon’s poor experiences at the dwarf planet.

It continued, “I would take your own food, as we couldn’t see any restaurants whatsoever, and the less said about the air quality the better. Did you know the entire place is filled with nitrogen and methane? It’s disgusting.”

The review concluded with one recommendation for those considering an extra-planetary holiday.

It read, “One of my relatives went to Mars recently, and though the service was still bad, it seems the weather was a lot better.”