Raheem Sterling transfer replaces Hatton Garden raid as Britain’s biggest robbery

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Lancashire Police have named a 52-year old man they wish to question in connection with what is being hailed as Britain’s largest of daylight robbery.

The investigation was launched following the theft of £49 million from Manchester City, with the only clue left at the scene being a contract for the services of winger Raheem Sterling.

Ian Ayre, from Merseyside, is suspected of orchestrating the robbery of the Abu Dhabi owned outfit, which easily eclipses the recent multi-million pound Hatton Garden jewellery raid.

The Liverpool chief executive officer is reported to be in hiding in the Wirral after agreement was reached to transfer the England international ahead of the club’s tour of Asia.

Police believe Ayre conspired with a man known as ‘Aidy Ward’ in an elaborate plot to relieve the Manchester club of vast sums of money in the heist, which took several days to fully execute.

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Police Chief Constable, Steve Finnigan, said the audacity of the raid had left the force reeling, though the victims are currently still in denial.

He told reporters, “At this stage the victims don’t seem to think any crime has been committed.”

“We’ve tried explaining that they’ve been ripped off on a scale rarely seen anywhere in the world, but they just smiled and said we must have our facts wrong.”

“I imagine they’ll want to file a report before pre-season is over.”