French Primark raiders to seek refund on ‘poor quality’ loot

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The armed raiders that hit a Parisian branch of the popular, low-cost clothing store, Primark, have now returned the loot and asked for a full refund.

The thieves admit they would also accept some money-off vouchers due to the poor quality of the banknotes they snatched in a daring raid earlier today.

Speaking to journalists at Le Monde newspaper, one member of the gang said, “The notes were in a shocking condition for the most part, some had food stains on them, while others were dog-eared and even torn.”

“It’s just not acceptable and one of the lads has taken them back and will be asking to see the manager about a refund, or some vouchers.”

Experts have insisted the thieves should have known better than to try and get top-quality cash from a store like Primark, though the firm themselves have apologised.

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A spokesman for the retailer told us,”We can’t apologise enough for the sub-standard quality of the swag the robbers took.”

“Rest assured we are taking this very seriously and have already decided to give every member of the gang a pair of Taiwanese socks and an item of cheap chav jewelry by way of expressing our regret.”