Exploiting the vulnerable is our job, Duncan-Smith warns charities

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Screwing the most vulnerable members of society to aggressively raise funds is only allowed if you’re the government, Iain Duncan-Smith has warned charities.

The work and pensions secretary lambasted the charity industry for their unscrupulous methods in raising cash, insisting that sort of behaviour should only be seen amongst elected ministers.

He has urged those charity workers with a penchant for exploiting the vulnerable to make it legal by embarking on a career in politics.

Duncan-Smith told charity workers, “Why bother wasting your time going door to door, or making repeated pestering phone calls, when you can obtain all the funds you require through the slashing of disability benefit or the working tax credit – all from the comfort of your oak panelled office?”

“Old people, the disabled – they aren’t worth the human interaction you’ve spent conversing with them.”

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“Just being around them on the election campaign was enough to make me ill – though not ill enough to claim benefits, I might add.”

“Charities must know their place – which is failing to deliver on their promises as woefully as any government.”

Charity victim, Hilary Mount, felt a career in politics would be a perfect match for those now having their exploitative ways curbed .

“Generating revenue which is spent on keeping thousands of over-paid, under-worked administrators in the job rather than being on spent on those they serve?”

“Oh yes they would be perfect.”