Women generalise too much, say men

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Men have accused women of generalising all the time about everything.

“I think it’s fair to say that women generalise far more than men,” said man, Simon Williams.

“I’ve lost count of how many newspaper opinion pieces I’ve read that start with ‘The problem with men is…’ It just seems to be a real trend amongst all lady columnists at the moment.

“I mean, yes, I do also read some columns from men that start with ‘The problem with women is…’ But women generally do it much more.”

But it’s not just newspaper opinion pieces that have men fuming, a recent study has shown that 100% of all men believed that all women in their lives generalised all the time. The study interviewed 359 men.

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But women have hit back.

“All men have a massive chip on their shoulder about this,” said top columnist Marina Saunders

“What men need to realise is that they are far more prone to generalisation, particularly with regard to gender issues, than women are.”

“If you speak to any man about women then they will always give you a crass opinion about, literally, all women.”

“Whereas, speak to a woman and she is much more likely to give a nuanced, subtle opinion about men.”

One thing that seems to be clear is that all men and all women are infuriated by articles that generalise men and women.