Greek cheque for 1.6b euros ‘definitely in the post’

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Greece have claimed that they definitely already sent a cheque for 1.6b euros to the International Monetary Fund.

“No, seriously, don’t worry,” said Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.

“We definitely sent it. In fact it’s probably there now, if the IMF checks its post box then there will probably be our cheque there right now…or tomorrow at the latest, but we did definitely send that cheque, you can check our chequebook stubs.”

“Well, you could, but I don’t have our chequebook with me. But if I did, you’d see a stub for 1.6b euros to IMF.”

“So, can we have another bailout, please?”

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Greek cheque

Greece have been trying to claim further bailout funds since Greek banks had to resort to smashing employees children’s piggy-banks to give customers a handful of Euros.

“Well, it’s not really ‘further’ bailout funds,” continued Mr Varoufakis

“Because of the cheque which is on its way. That means that we’ve paid some money back, so we get some new bailout funds.”

“Go on. Please. My kids need Souvlaki.”

Greece has been in dire financial straits ever since massively overspending in 2004 to achieve the twin goals of winning the European Championship and the Eurovision song contest.