Computer experts baffled as switching it off and on again doesn’t solve IT problem

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Some of the top minds in computer science have been left baffled after an IT problem was not solved by restarting.

The incident occurred at the offices of Weiner and Weiner consultancy in London’s fashionable Shoreditch.

“Yeah, it was weird,” said IT service desk analyst and Call of Duty expert, Simon Williams.

“This woman had a memory error, and so like, I told her to switch it off and on again and got back to my Xbox.”

“But then she phoned back and the error wasn’t fixed. I mean, what? That’s just mental. I was out of ideas, so I told her to switch it off and on again and then left the phone off the hook.”

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“It’s scary really, it’s almost like computers are becoming super-intelligent like that film – ‘Electric Dreams.’”

Computer scientists admit to being baffled.

“It’s certainly as perplexing as it is worrying,” said Professor Nicholas Rowe of Computer sciences at Oxford.

“This turns literally everything we know about the nature of computers on its head.”

“If switching them off and on again doesn’t solve all problems then, well it’s almost unthinkable, but IT service desks around the globe are going to actually have to start solving problems.”

We contacted our own IT service for a comment, but they just told us to switch it off and on again and hung up.