Call to show ‘Expendables 3’ in school

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Following a recommendation to show ‘Interstellar’ in school because of its scientific accuracy, there have been calls to show other films in schools to aid learning.

“Expendables 3 actually contains an awful lot that could be beneficial to our pupils,” said Headmaster Simon Williams.

“It shows martial arts skills, blowing stuff up and hitting other people really hard in the head.”

“All of these are fantastic life-skills that we really need instill in our pupils to make them well-rounded contributors to our society.”

“Oh, and teamwork as well, I suppose.”

Pupils seemed enthusiastic at the prospect of sitting down to watch Arnie, Sly and others fire guns, throw punches and blow things up.

“Yeah, I’ve heard it starts with driving a train into a prison to break out Wesley Snipes,” said Stephen Emmsworth, 13.

“And my best friend’s got a month of detention so….you know.”

Mr Williams is confident of the plan’s success, and even has other films in mind.

“Oh yes, well, sex education is always tricky, so we could show ‘Basic Instinct’ instead because of when Sharon Stone flashes her bits.

‘Lethal Weapon’ has some pretty strident comments about mental health, and, obviously, ‘Escape to Victory’ as an alternative to PE when it rains.”