Greece to hold massive car boot sale

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Greece has announced that it plans to hold a huge car boot sale to raise funds to pay off its national debts.

The move comes as Greece faces a critical 24 hours in its plans to address its debt crisis.

“It is important that we came up with a credible plan to address our situation,” said Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.

“And what is more credible than a massive car boot sale?”

“We saw a flyer on a roundabout advertising one for this weekend, and our friends say it’s a great way to make extra cash out of old things you don’t use any more. So that’s the new plan.”

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The Greek Government has passed emergency legislation to take control of all Junior School playing fields this coming weekend and, in many towns, people have been seen driving round the school perimeters to ascertain the best plots.

“I think this is exactly the sort of bold financial thinking that could really get us back in the financial heart of Europe,” said Simon Ουίλιαμς, a supporter of SYRIZA.

“I certainly plan to do my bit. I’ve got the wife’s old hair dryer, an old watch that just needs a new battery, and a box-set of ‘Friends.’ “

“I mean, it’s VHS, but people still like ‘Friends,’ don’t they? – ‘How you doin’?’”

When reminded that Greece’s current National Debt is 335,478,507,931 Euros Mr Ουίλιαμς responded

“Right, that’s a lot isn’t it?”

“I’ll see if I can find that old Star Trek the next Generation box set as well.”