Can you complain about the price of iPhones next, everyone asks Taylor Swift

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After getting Apple to change the way it pays artists for the music it gives away for free, Taylor Swift has been asked to tweet about the price of iPhones.

The american pop star tweeted about the unfair practice of not paying musicians during free trials of Apple Music that it gives to customers, despite being worth billions and billions of dollars – resulting in a change of policy for the technology giant.

Consumer Simon Williams told us, “What we have learned here is that Apple will listen to you, if you have millions of Twitter followers – well, I have about 50, so my complaints about the price of the iPhone 6 are likely for fall on deaf ears.”

“So I was wondering if maybe Taylor could complain about how the 64GB model in white is so much more expensive than comparable models by other manufacturers?”

“Ideally she’d do it before the weekend as it’s my missus’ birthday and that’s what she wants.”

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“Anything below £200 would be great – thanks Taylor!”

Apple backtrack

Corporate finance analysts have said that Apple has set a worrying precedent amongst global corporations.

Analyst Barney Walden-Smythe explained, “You don’t get to be worth $729bn by playing nice with the little guy.”

“If corporations are to start growing a conscience and deciding policy on what sounds ‘fair’ then the very fabric of society will fall apart.”

“I actually suspect some financier within the Apple group has looked at this and decided it will actually make them more money in the long run. It’s the only thing that makes sense.”

An Apple spokesperson told us, “People will suggest we’ve only done this because Taylor Swift tweeted about it, but in reality it’s because we’re lovely people doing lovely things with lovely products.”

“Now please buy an Apple Watch.”