UK Muslims ‘quietly condoning’ Conservative Party membership

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British Muslims are being influenced by the extremist ideology of the Conservative Party, it has emerged.

Anti-extremism campaigner, Simon Williams, believes the problem starts at public school, where affluent British Muslims are exposed to ideas like starting their own business, and tax efficient investment vehicles.

His comments come as a Bradford family are feared to have travelled to Knightsbridge on a bizarre Tory pilgrimage.

Sisters Khadija, Sugra and Zohra Dawood and their nine children disappeared after travelling to the swanky London suburb to visit a statue of Michael Gove.

And Amin Somani, 17, from Rochdale, Lancashire, is thought to have been the UK’s youngest-ever Conservative when he reportedly blew himself up at the TUC conference last August.

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Williams believes the cases show how young Muslims from Britain are at risk of slashing benefits and urinating on tramps.

Williams said, “The cause is ideological extremism. An ideology that says dole claimants are scum and that women make great cooks.”

“It says hardworking families are nicer than people with disabilities; that private sector lesbians are much nicer than butch, argumentative, public sector ones.”

“The question is: How do people arrive at this worldview?”

Williams added, “This paves the way for young people to turn simmering prejudice into murderous intent and to go from listening to a speech by Margaret Thatcher on the Internet, to boarding a train to Euston and travelling onward to join the Young Conservatives.”

Last night Williams was accused of making generalisations about Muslims, a few of whom may be decent people.

He conceded, “Not all conservatives are wankers. Just most of them.”