David Cameron continues post-election inter-railing trip

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The Prime Minister’s inter-railing trip round Europe continues on as he visited Luxembourg on Wednesday, and declared it ‘boring’. 

To celebrate his historic election win, Mr Cameron decided to take a month out to go inter-railing round Europe and catch up with the friends he made during exchange trips in the last Government.

He has visited Germany and Belgium, but then made a brief detour back home so that his Mum could do his washing.

He spent some time in Amsterdam meeting the Dutch Prime Minister to discuss Britain’s future in the EU.

There was very nearly an upset when the PM ‘got lost’ in the Red Light district, but after spending over two hours trying to find his way out of the simply laid-out square-mile of well sign-posted streets, everything was back on track.

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Mr Cameron is said to be looking forward to visited Paris because he’s heard that ‘French babes don’t wear bras,’ but he definitely has no intention overeating either frogs’ legs or snails because that would be ‘gross’.

And he will be continuing the classic British inter-railing tradition of standing outside the Parthenon in Athens shouting “You know the Elgin marbles? Finders keepers, losers weepers”.

It is understood that at some point soon he intends to stop poncing about on his extended Euro-jolly and come back and actually run the country.