Bravery award for man who told complete truth while getting car insurance quote

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Driver Simon Williams is to be given an award for bravery for telling nothing but the truth whilst getting car insurance quotes online.

After a recent survey showed most people tell a few lies to get a better car insurance quote, Mr Williams has been recognised for his selfless bravery.

As one insurance executive Clive Marshall explained, “It seems Mr Williams had no fears for the safety of his wallet as he ploughed on through the application process telling truth after inconvenient truth.”

“I mean, he has a small drive outside his house, but his wife normally uses it so he said his car was normally parked on the street – even though most people would say it was parked off-street in those circumstances.”

“He even gave his mileage accurate to the single mile based on last year’s business and personal trips.”

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Williams’ bravery didn’t stop there.

Marshall continued, “What impressed us most was that he explained in his application about the time the kids next door scratched his door playing football, even though it never got reported, or any claim filed, because their parents paid for the repair themselves.”

“That’s dedication to the painfully expensive truth right there. No-one would have known had he kept quiet about that, but he was happy to see his premium leap upwards by admitting it.”

“He’s a hero.”

Car insurance ‘bravery’

Williams himself said that although he was pleased with the award, he felt he was just doing what anyone else would do in that situation.

He told us, “It’s just who I am, you know, the sort of person happy to pay more than I need to.”

“I’m actually interested in getting one of those self-driving cars next, so it will be interesting to see who I have to be honest about when that has a prang – I might end up just confessing it was me driving.”