Tory voters flock to elect really left-wing leader of Labour party

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Thousands of Conservative voters are reported to have joined the Labour party to help elect ‘the most left-wing person possible’ as leader, according to reports today.

The Labour party has somewhat rashly laid the voting open to anyone willing to fork out £3, resulting in thousands of Conservative voters signing up to ensure that the next leader is somewhere to the left of well-known loser Michael Foot.

Political commentator Simon Williams said, “The Conservative party is known for providing influence to people with serious money – but it seems Labour are now going to let you influence who runs the party that for just three quid.”

“It’s a bargain.”

Labour leadership

Fighting back giggles, one Tory voter said he had joined the Labour party to ensure a staunchly left-wing leadership, which would ensure continued electoral success for the Tories and a new vision for Britain, before taking a mouthful of tea and spraying it out of his nose.

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“The 1983 Labour Manifesto is known as the longest suicide note in history”, we were told by a senior Conservative.

“Well, we’ll be helping them write the next one so I reckon we can beat that.”

“Oh, and vote Jeremy Corbyn for a better future,” he added.

Since being included on the ballot Jeremy Corbyn has emerged as an unexpected favourite for the leadership of the Labour party amongst Conservative and Liberal Democrat voters, leading some to suspect that the party is being ‘trolled like billy-oh’.

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