Shock twist sees Baby Clanger become Britain’s youngest suicide bomber

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Baby Clanger is to become Britain’s youngest suicide bomber in a shock twist to the new series.

Popular 70s children’s programme The Clangers is set to return to the BBC with a remit to be more socially relevant and tackle contemporary issues.

In an early plotline, the youngest, pinkest Clanger, who is described as ‘naive and trusting’, falls under the influence of the Emperor Ming of the planet Mongo on Facebook and becomes obsessed with his nihilistic philosophy.

Baby Clanger then travels to another moon with tiny volcanos and a single Boabab tree where he devotes himself to the destruction of the ruling royal family, attempting to smuggle explosives in a big ball of string.

General Clanger is then blamed for a failure of intelligence and forced to resign.

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A spokesman for the BBC told us “When bringing back the classics we think it’s important to tackle contemporary social issues.”

“We did it with The Musketeers, and we’re doing it here too.

“And just wait until you see what we’ve got planned for Round the World with Willy Fogg when we bring that back.”

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