Game of Thrones to start killing off characters from other TV shows

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After the shocking finale of the latest Game of Thrones season, the producers have decided that the only way to make the show more shocking is to kill off characters from other TV shows.

“Well, frankly, we’re running out of characters on our programme,” said showrunner David Benioff.

“If we kill off anymore then season six will just be one long monologue from a character no-one really cares about.”

“We also want characters’ deaths to be shocking and surprising. What could be more shocking and surprising than Game of Thrones killing off a character from another show?”

It is understood that Penny from Big Bang Theory could be a victim of Game of Thrones shocking new direction.

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“Well, I don’t want to give too much away,” continued Benioff.

“But imagine if Penny and Leonard have a romantic misunderstanding, and so decide to go a trip together up to the lakes. Penny could be teaching Leonard how to fish and all of a sudden Jamie Lannister runs out of a cabin and cuts her head off?”

“I mean, no one would have seen that coming, would they?”

Other potential twists could be Arya Stark murdering Special Agent Gibbs from NCIS while he slept, Gregor Clegane pulling Homer Simpson’s arms off, and Brienne of Tarth decapitating Leanne Tilsley over the bar in the Rovers Return.

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