Mark Carney calls for tougher criminal sentences for bankers to avoid

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Bank of England governor Mark Carney has called for longer prison sentences for bankers who break the law, giving them something more substantial to completely avoid.

Carney was speaking out about ethics in the City, and explained that the sentences being avoided by bankers were woefully inadequate.

He told those gathered at Mansion House, “If those in the banking community are to continue acting with impunity, we must ensure that the penalties they will never have to face are enough to make the public think they’re a deterrent.”

“Right now the public sees tough financial sanctions for people who merely a miss benefits interview, so we need to make the public think criminal bankers face similarly severe penalties.”

“Even though we all know none of them will ever actually go to prison.”

“I mean, it’s not like they accidentally claimed benefits they weren’t entitled to, or forgot to pay their council tax – those people need to do serious hard time.”

Banker penalties

Carney’s speech has been welcomed by a public keen to see bankers avoiding sentences of substance.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “I’m glad to see someone finally speak out about the puny penalties that criminal bankers are currently having to avoid.”

“I want to see serious fraud charges and prison penalties avoided by the bankers, much like our MPs avoided when they claimed all that money they weren’t entitled to.”

“If our leaders are going to go through the elaborate charade of trying to bring the City to task over their criminal activity, then let’s at least pretend that they might go to prison for a long time?”

“Then we can all pretend we’re doing something about it.”